Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eli & Isaac cheesing for the camera:)

Blogging update:
My does time fly. It seems like a lot has happened since my last entry- speaking of- I have been meaning to put anything up so that annoying entry I wrote wouldn't be the first thing that pops up when you come check us out on our blog.. Unfortunately, my plans don't always turn into action as soon as I would like. So after a few misfortunes- minor really-
Our computer getting a virus or two and being out of commission for about a week or two...(But fortunately, Stan is great at figuring things out and he fixed it!
Our A/C broke for the 2nd time in 14 months...The repair man got a nasty spider bite that delayed us getting a new motor for a few extra days.. We all camped out in Eli's room for about 2 weeks because his room is the coolest at night.
I just downloaded pictures from our camera for the first time since July- so that always puts a hamper on my desire to blog- because I like pictures.
Everytime I would get on to possibly start blogging, I would start hopping around because it is so fun and addicting to catch up on family & friends that I have now and from back in the good ol high school days:)
But I need to stop telling you about these things so I can start blogging more photos- my favorite:)
Oh- I have to mention one other misfortune that is kind of funny because it happened to Stan, not me:)hee hee
Yesterday our ward was having a Chilli Cookoff/Fall Activity (last year I won the prize for the best chilli:) I wasn't really in the mood to make it this year, so Stan picked up the slack and made it himself. He asked me if I thought he should cook it in the dutch oven this year instead of the crockpot-- My first response was- No, it will be a lot messier--and then he thought it would be easier to transport the chilli in the dutch oven than the crockpot-- so I said-- it's up to you (since he was the one cooking it) Anyways, I had to make a quick dash to the APS Lamination store to get my FHE packet all done on time for the upcoming swap this week and left poor Stan with the 2 kiddos to go to the activity & I would get there asap. Well they pulled out of the driveway and as they were turning the corner (1 house away) the chilli fell out of the dutch oven that was suppose to be easier to transport-hee hee- all over the van.
I can't help but laugh about this because it seems like on so many occasions I try so hard and fall so short and in this instance-- this was the case with Stan.... He spent all morning cooking the chilli (I even ran to Smith's with the boys to get some missing ingredients that it called for) and then just like that- it didn't even make it around the corner. There was enough in the bottom of the pot for the two of us:) I enjoyed my serving yesterday after the mishap which would have certainly won the grand prize again--don't you love how the story gets bigger and bigger-hee hee. While Stan was in no mood to even touch the chilli after cleaning up a pot full of it out of the van- Thank goodness I didn't get back until after the cleanup was done. So now our van smells like chilli instead of smoke hee hee. (We bought a used van that was a smoker's van-- I know I know-- But it was a Smokin Deal:) no it really hasn't smelled like smoke for quite a while)- Later. Stan- I love you:)

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The Smith Family said...

Oh Catherine everytime I read your stories I just laugh because I seriously thought only stuff like that just happens to me. You are too funny. Anyway your kids are getting so big and there so cute:)
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